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CDL MEDICAL EXAMINER'S CERTIFICATE Completed by Licensed Medical Examiner Only! Fraudulent use is punishable under applicable State and Federal laws (For Oregon Licensed Drivers Only) Reset Form MEDICAL
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When this dr. Rogers with Phoenix do T physicals calm we provide do T CDL physicals for drivers in a Phoenix metro area want to take a couple of minutes and talk about being prepared for your DoD exam one of the most important things to bring to your DoD exam is your is your medical records if you are on high blood pressure medication or you have sleep apnea or an arrhythmia any health related issue make sure that you bring your medical records with you to your exam that will make the process much quicker much easier and we can get you in and out quickly the other thing you want to be aware of is be prepared nutritionally don't come to your DoD physical after you drink three or four Red Bulls or have a pot of coffee your blood pressure will go up and you could shorten the amount of time that you have available for your certification it could be shortened down to three months or sometimes even disqualified if your blood pressure is too high because of these products something else to keep in mind don't smoke before you come into the d-o-t physicals smoking will increase your blood pressure and it could lead to a shortened certification time so be prepared and we can get you in and out quickly and efficiently